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When You Should Own An Emergency Generator

August 5, 2022 | Blog

When the power goes out, have you stopped and thought, “If only I had a generator!” Well, this is your sign to invest in one!

Natchez Heating and Cooling have put together a list of why a whole-home generator will benefit you, and in what situations you would need one.

Situations That Call For A Generator

Besides the usual storms or hurricanes, there are other reasons in which you might want a backup generator, such as:

Keep electrical appliances on

When the power goes off, so do all your appliances running on electricity. If you had plans to use your TV or charge your electronics, think again. With a backup generator, you can keep your appliances powered on which can also prevent possible damage or corruption, which then leads to costly replacements.

Food stays fresh

As mentioned, once your power is out, your appliances cease to work, such as your refrigerator and freezer. A power outage for a few hours might be okay, but the longer it lasts, all perishable foods such as vegetables, fruits, dairy items and meats will begin to spoil. By having another power source like a generator, you can prevent costly groceries from going bad and keep all your food fresh.

Prevents flood damage

If you have a basement in your home, you may or may not know that a sump pump is what keeps it from flooding in times of heavy rain. A sump pump moves water outside of your home. However, if the power has gone out, the pump is useless and your basement, as well as everything inside of it, is ruined.

Keep your home comfortable

You might know from previous experience that a power outage is only bearable for so long. After several hours, you can begin to experience extreme heat or cold. Having a backup generator is crucial to keeping the temperatures in your home moderate, for yourself and your family. Additionally, if someone in your home relies on medical equipment, having a backup generator means all the difference between life or death.

Peace of mind

It is better to have a generator in the event of a blackout due to a storm or heatwave, than not have one and wish you did. Even if it just sits in your garage or storage, should the day ever come you need it, you can be quick into action to keep your home powered up! You should contact a professional, like the quality technicians at Natchez Heating & Cooling, to talk about generator installation sooner rather than later.

Still Not Sold?

Investing in a backup generator can make a massive difference for your home. From keeping power on during storms or blackouts, to preventing major electrical damage to appliances, a generator will help you greatly. Without one, you face the risk of hundreds or possibly thousands in damage to electronics, food waste, flooding and even possible health hazards.

Generator Services in Natchez, MS

At Natchez Heating & Cooling, a certified technician will be able to help you decide what make and model is best for your home. Give us a call today for more information on our generator installation services!

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