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How To Naturally Clear A Clogged Kitchen Drain

Your kitchen drain goes through a lot. From food scraps and plate scrapings to rouge silverware and sponges, lots of things wind up down the drain. Many Natchez homeowners also have garbage disposals installed under their sinks, which may be inadvertently misused. Did you know not all food scraps are safe to send down the disposal?

Our team at Natchez Heating & Cooling knows a thing or two about drains. We have years of experience repairing, installing and maintaining drains throughout the Natchez area. Read on to learn more about our services and what you can do to keep your kitchen drain clear the natural way.

Professional Drain Cleaning In Natchez

Why put an emphasis on natural drain cleaning? Many chemical drain cleaners are effective at eating away or breaking down built-up gunk in your pipes. However, those products are very caustic and can burn more than your skin and eyes if used improperly. Chemical drain cleaners can heat up in your plumbing, causing damage to joints, PVC material and leading to costly leaks.

Keep yourself, your plumbing and your area’s groundwater safe from chemicals by practicing natural drain cleaning. There are a number of methods you can use in your home without resorting to invasive, hazardous methods. If clearing a drain yourself seems like an overwhelming task, don’t delay. Our team is here to help, so reach out to schedule your leak inspection or drain cleaning service today.

Signs You Have A Kitchen Drain Clog

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize when your pipes are clogged, especially if they still drain. Here are some common signs you have a kitchen drain clog:

  • Slow draining sink
  • Kitchen drain smells
  • Gurgling or bubbling noise
  • Sink is overflowing, leaking or puddles are forming under the sink

By paying attention to how long it takes for your sink to empty out once full, you can determine whether or not you’re dealing with a pipe clog. Remember, you’re not alone – household repairs and maintenance can be a hassle, so rely on our team when you need professional help!

Natural Drain Cleaning 101

The first option when it comes to cleaning a drain the natural way is manually removing the blockage. This can involve either taking the P-trap section of your pipe apart and cleaning it or using a drain snake to tug or push the clog free. These methods work well if the blockage is caused by something that wasn’t meant to be sent down the drain, like a paper towel, a wet wipe or large quantities of food.

Some clogs can be eliminated with other natural methods. A sink plunger can help loosen or draw up a clog, but be aware – sometimes plunging a blockage only drives it deeper into your pipes! Minimal clogs can be loosened with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar – simply sprinkle in the baking soda, follow with vinegar, cover the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes before following with hot water. Results will vary for this last tactic, and remember that boiling water can melt and warp PVC pipes, so be careful.

Need A Helping Hand? Call On Natchez

If you’ve succeeded in clearing your drain clog on your own – congratulations! Keeping your pipes clear for the long run is doable, as long as you practice mindful drain maintenance. Remember, never rinse non-flushable items down your sink, scrape your plate into the trashcan, compost bin or disposal (a little at a time!) and manually remove blockages as soon as they form.

For frequent, stubborn clogs and other serious plumbing problems, reach out to the professionals on our team! We can perform long-lasting plumbing services to keep your home’s pipes running as they should. Get your kitchen back into good working order with services from Natchez Heating & Cooling – reach out today!

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