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How Seasonal Allergies Can Affect Your Health

May 17, 2022 | Blog

Nearly 30% of the population suffers from seasonal allergies, and irritants range from weeds, pollen, and mold. As most allergy sufferers know, spring, summer, and fall are the worst seasons for allergic rhinitis. The allergic reaction that people experience is caused by a higher pollen count in spring and summer, and a higher mold population during the fall.

Some people try to avoid the outdoors to manage their allergies – but did you know that these outdoor allergens can find their way into your home, too? It is incredibly important to make sure that your home can be a safe reprieve from the allergen-ridden outdoors. The best place to start is with your central air system and keeping your indoor air quality as high as possible.

Natchez Heating & Cooling is experienced in optimizing indoor air quality for homeowners with allergic rhinitis, and we are happy to share some of our IAQ solutions with you!

What Is Indoor Air Quality? (IAQ)

IAQ measures the air quality inside buildings and that measure relates to the health of the people inside. Typically, air quality is measured by the amount of pollution within the air.

Not much can be done by a single person to fix the air quality outside, but you can make sure that your home’s air quality is excellent. You spend a lot of your time inside of your home, so you want the air you breathe to be as healthy as possible!

Air Pollutants

There are several kinds of indoor air pollutants, each with its own sources. As we know, pollen is the most common allergen for people with seasonal allergies, but air pollutants can also aggravate these allergies. The most problematic pollutants are gasses and particle-based options because these cause the biggest drop in your home’s IAQ.

These are some common pollution sources:

  • Ozone and other outdoor air pollution
  • Tobacco and smoking products
  • Excess moisture and mold
  • Crafting and cleaning agents with a strong odor (cleaners, paints, adhesives)
  • Insulation containing asbestos
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Pet dander

These aren’t the only possible pollutants within your home, and some may not be as concerning as others. The concentration and hazardousness of a pollutant determine how much it will impact your air quality.

If you consistently smoke indoors, you can raise your IAQ by smoking outdoors instead. Mold and pet dander can also be extremely aggravating to those with seasonal allergies, so it is important to know exactly what is circulating in your home’s air.

You can always call the professionals Natchez Heating & Cooling to check your indoor air quality levels. Our team will work with you to determine what pollutants may be lowering your air quality and offer solutions to help improve it!

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

So, you’re now ready to take on the task of raising your IAQ levels, but how do you do that? Improving your indoor air quality involves these strategies:

Eliminating Pollution Sources

The best way to solve a problem is by attacking the source. If you have had an air quality test performed, you will know what pollutants are lowering your air quality. If tobacco is present, you may want to consider smoking outdoors.

On the occasion that mold is present, you will need to find out what is causing the excess moisture in your house. Humidity, leaky AC units, and unventilated bathrooms can all foster mold and bacterial growth.

Air Filters

There are many ways to clean the air within your home, from portable air purifiers to house-wide HVAC systems. The kind of filter used within your air cleaner is also important – if you are suffering from allergies, you may need a high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter. This kind of filter has multiple layers to capture the most pollutants possible, making sure that your circulated air is cleaner than ever!

Better Ventilation

If you deal with high-concentration pollutants, like those from cooking, painting, or crafting, you may need fresh air to enter your house. To reduce the amount of concentrated pollution, you need to let fresh air into your home through open windows or doors. Similarly, make sure to turn a fan on when showering or bathing to reduce the extra moisture they cause and prevent mold growth.

However, if your main concerns are pollen and external pollutants, you may want to skip this option. If you are dealing with a high pollen count, you should keep windows closed and use your AC system to keep cool. This way you can keep the pollen outside where it belongs!

Premier Natchez Air Quality Services

Natchez Heating and Cooling proudly serves the Natchez, MS area. Call us today to schedule an Indoor Air Quality test and find out what exactly is in your home’s air!

Our team of reliable experts can help you find the best solutions for your IAQ demands. Keeping your AC filter fresh is great, but sometimes your home needs more. We can help you find an air cleaner, air purifier, or dehumidifier to improve your air quality. We’ll help you with all of your home air health needs!

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